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For questions, comments, and/or suggestions about PraxisDirect, please contact:

Malissa Bowman
Director, Operations & Compliance

If you are a pharmaceutical or biotech company interested in utilizing Praxis for your next clinical trial, please contact:

Robert Loll
SVP, Business Development & Strategic Planning

Colleen Hatcher
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About PraxisDirect®

As a full-service patient recruitment company, Praxis strives to make our clients' lives easier by meeting enrollment goals for each project and enhancing research sites' dedication to actively recruiting patients. This philosophy has led to the development and continued improvement of PraxisDirect — a highly advanced recruitment tracking tool that uses the latest technology and conforms to HIPAA standards. PraxisDirect is the proprietary software program developed by Praxis to make patient recruitment data collection and analysis more efficient and precise, as well as enabling the utilization of business intelligence and historical analysis for strategic planning of future campaigns. This web-based program stores, tracks and analyzes data collected throughout a Praxis campaign in order to provide sponsors and research sites with complete information at the touch of a button. In addition, PraxisDirect integrates screening and enrollment data from sponsors and CROs. By using automated match-recognition capabilities, we can provide comprehensive enrollment goal tracking and projections with complete Praxis referral randomization statistics. The transparency and accuracy of results afforded by PraxisDirect allow sponsors to save money and reach their study's enrollment goals earlier by enabling better informed decisions about recruitment resource allocation.

All users are given a secure login that allows them access to only the information pertinent to them. The portal is personalized for each user with individualized dashboard statistics, announcements and personal messages, as well as study-specific website links and recruitment material downloads.

Sites can access a log of their Praxis referrals to complete information on outcomes and organize patient communications. Because PraxisDirect allows sites to easily update each referral's status, study coordinators save time by using the system and can concentrate on other responsibilities. Private Health Information entered by sites is blinded to all other users (including Praxis) so it can not be associated with an individual, but is part of the cumulative data analyses.

Pharmaceutical sponsors can login to PraxisDirect to access real-time analyses of their recruitment results and study enrollment progress. This includes data and graphical representations of inquiry and pre-qualification volumes, site performance, reasons for disqualification and screen-failure, pre-qualified candidate outcomes, enrollment projections, communication method results, and more. Most importantly, when sponsors choose Praxis for their patient recruitment and retention needs, access to an innovative and informative technology solution does not mean compromising in other areas. Our clients benefit from Praxis' brilliant creative concepts, unique clinical and marketing expertise, superior customer service, as well as PraxisDirect.


Although Praxis is not a covered entity, the research sites we work with must comply with HIPAA guidelines. Therefore, the confidentiality of PraxisDirect data is vigilantly maintained in order to enable sites to comply with HIPAA standards when using PraxisDirect. Praxis has taken great precautions to ensure that PraxisDirect data is protected against all types of threats. Praxis' servers are protected with the industry's most potent security tools and techniques that are designed, built, and maintained specifically for enterprise-class web operations. To provide this level of security, Praxis utilizes managed hosting and Comodo Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security.